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the pic seems to show Eunhyuk shirtless in IU's bed, and they're a bit snuggly, so the netizens (people who obsess over kpop idols) assume they're a couple.

IU's company denies they're a couple and says that Eunhyuk simply visited her when she was sick.

IU fait son retour sur scène le 17 avril 2009 au Music Bank avec Boo, le titre principal de son prochain album.

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Most of the harsh words and criticism from netizens have come from ELFs, calling IU a slut and claiming she was using Eunhyuk to gain attention.Less than 2 days ago, IU accidentally uploaded a photo of herself with Eunhyuk in what had seemed to be the two of them together in bed.Loen Entertainment was quick to release a statement refuting those rumors and apologizing for causing any trouble.L'album se présente comme mélangeant différents styles tels que le jazz, la bossa nova, le swing et la pop latine.Dès la sortie officielle de l'album, tous les titres envahissent les différents classements coréens.

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