Dating ariane game solution solution

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--- Kiss Megan's Breasts (bad) Lick Megan's Pussy (good) --- (move your mouse on the head of the rotating arrow, while you lick her pussy) --- (With the dildo: Show Megan the Pink Dildo (mood -8 !

Narco is a game created by sharks-lagoon, click on the picture above to be redirected to their website.

You can also click on the banner below, to get more games from the same team (paysite).

( 2, only if you have the wine, you have to click somewhere at the right of her face, on a furniture) Kiss Megan on Her Cheek 1 Invite Megan Up To Your Room -3 --- --- You know... (bad)) --- --- (in the kitchen: Option A "Take Megan Back to the Floor Pillows": (more sex scenes) (you can give her the chocolate) ([Lick the Melting Chocolate Off of Megan, 1 then she sucks your dick] OR [Offer Megan a Napkin to Clean Herself-- ending #5 or "pull out of her mouth" (option on your dick) to continue.

- Click on the left nipple of the woman in the middle and move your mouse upward. (dialogs) - For the woman in the middle: click on the top of her left thigh, then directly on her right thigh, then directly between her knees (be fast).

(She spreads her legs) - Click on the pussy of the woman with the yellow dress and stay clicked something like 5 seconds.

Pink Dildo: Needed to get ending #1 (not a good ending). Teddy Bear: Mood 1 in the park, She puts the teddy bear in her bra later in your home.

There is a scene with a dildo in your home, but her mood needs to be high enough. Bottle of Wine: Nothing in the park, Mood 2 if you give her wine in your home.

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