Advice on dating someone whos divorced

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I would have been dating again within a year if I had not been in a car accident that put me out of action for 9 months.

One is ready to date again whenever solitude gives way to loneliness.

So glad I followed his advice and gave myself time to heal.

Never started dating until I was separated for a year and knew that I was never going back into that marriage.

Many daters associate divorced people with excess baggage.

While there can be some red flags (like if his relationship ended because he was unfaithful), people who've been through a divorce tend to have a deeper, more realistic perspective on marriage than those haven't.

I was separated from my 'ex' in NC, in 2002 (she moved out).

She did not treat me very well, financially or otherwise.

Dont mean to sound bitter, but i was hurt /thru an emotional roller coaster with a man during his drama/divorce all that.........hey, have fun, date her, good times, but try not get emotionally attached until they are officially divorced is all. For what it's best thing to do is date someone who hasnt been in any relationship for at least 9 monthsive been stupid and thought even after a month of a breakup i was ready for the dating world and i wasnt all the insecurites surfaced and my issues pushed others and possibly good matches away so after being by myself for about a year im more secure andknow exactly what i want and dont want and i will never settlegood luck to u my friend Legally separated here: My attorney suggested being separated a year before pursuing the divorce.

Everyone mourns differently, so widows/widowers must be careful not to let other people dictate the speed of their recovery.”“Too many variables to say what is right for anyone the old year thing is probably wise as a minimum. I didn’t quite make the 1 year wait to date thing…and I made a mess, I think I will use 5 years to remarry as a minimum.“This is variable, and having been married to a widower, been widowed and later marrying another widower as well as encountering several men on the widow/widower board, I have noticed that men seem to be ready earlier than women.

Also, if the person was terminally ill and that illness took a long time to run it’s course, the widowed person may have done a lot of grieving prior to the actual occurrence of death and might be ready to date earlier than ‘the experts’ predict.

It is natural to want a partner, but the partner is not a substitute.“One should wait until THEY feel they are ready.

No one else can tell you what you are feeling, so only by being in touch with your own emotions can you know if you’re ready.

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