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Sending a nasty message or text can be done quickly and it means the person doing the bullying can’t see how much it hurts the other person.They might feel more distant from what they're doing. It keeps happening and no one is doing anything, so I've decided to. Those flags appear to anyone with 10k active in chat, and it's getting rather annoying seeing a popup with a bunch of nonsense that you can't read. An example: I have the feeling there have been some more comments here. Chats are a separate thing and should be handled less strict. As long as it's contained and doesn't bother anyone, let them be. It's very often now that I see messages in other languages getting flagged in chat. Time Seeing that room localized flags are not happening in the next 6-8 weeks, I am suggesting to eliminate rooms which are designed for chat in languages other than English on Stack Overflow. We don't allow anything other than English on the main site, we shouldn't allow it in chat.

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But there are some things you can do to make it stop. Telling someone you trust could help you report the cyber bullying and give you more confidence to deal with the situation.

While Hindi is spoken by many I don't know if it is spoken on moderation level here?

If so good but if not or not by sufficiently many people I would still count it as kind of "rare" for the purpose of moderation.

Using rare languages in chats just isn't a good idea - is what I wanted to [email protected] Racesin Orbit The idea was that modertion must be ensured.

Someone at the moderation level must be able to speak the language.

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